Green Toilet Brush With Holder (2 Pack)
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Green Toilet Brush With Holder (2 Pack)
  • Silicone Toilet Brushes With Holders
  • Long Non-Slip Plastic Handle
  • Gentle Pliable Bristles
  • Dripless Base
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I love it! Arthritis and grip problems means I drop lots of things and can’t bend down to pick them up. This grabber is so well made, with no sharp…
Red Bantam
I used it to clear out some guttering. Lovely and long and gripped the debris nicely. Even took quite a lot of weight. Wide enough grip to grab pieces of…
Ellie's Housekeeper
Ideal piece of kit especially if you have mobility issues in home or garden and even shopping when items are out of reach.  Much better than the lightweight big standard…