SLAH 32″ Litter Picker Shoehorn Green
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SLAH 32″ Litter Picker Shoehorn Green
Original price was: £15.99.Current price is: £11.99.
  • Litter Picker
  • Grabber Stick
  • Helping Hand Grabber For Disabled
  • Litter Pickers For Adults
  • Foldable
  • Rotating
  • 360 Degree
  • Reaching Aid
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Bring back your memories while picking litters with full fun

Bought this after a hip operation, wished I had got one earlier so useful for picking even very thin, small items ups.
Bought this like 2 years ago. I still have it, still use it and its still so handy. I use it in the house to get the things I can’t…
Harold Martin
The product is just what I needed. It was delivered in under 24 hours, by a very cheerful driver who braved over 50 mph cross winds and Storm Isha to…