SLAH 32″ Litter Picker Shoehorn Yellow
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SLAH 32″ Litter Picker Shoehorn Yellow
Original price was: £15.99.Current price is: £11.99.
  • Litter Picker
  • Grabber Stick
  • Helping Hand Grabber For Disabled
  • Litter Pickers For Adults
  • Foldable
  • Rotating
  • 360 Degree
  • Reaching Aid
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Avid Reader
I broke my back on 12th July after a heavy fall, had emergency spinal fixation and was left unable to bend and dealing with severe pain. This has been hugely…
Red Bantam
I used it to clear out some guttering. Lovely and long and gripped the debris nicely. Even took quite a lot of weight. Wide enough grip to grab pieces of…
Bought this after a hip operation, wished I had got one earlier so useful for picking even very thin, small items ups.